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Peakload                                                                           M.S.D.S.                       

Positive Emulsifier, Multi-Purpose Marine Cleaner and Degreaser

This Multi-Purpose Marine Cleaner and Degreaser is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, concentrated and economical. 

We certify that, because of its non-hazardous nature, this product does not require Coast Guard certification for use in ship's store on board vessels.  It's characteristics do not represent sufficient hazard to be considered as dangerous under article 46-CFR-147.

For use in Bilges, Engine Room, Decks, Tank or Hold Cleaning of Bunker of Crude Oil Etc., Galley, and General Cleaning.

Engine Room:  Dilute 1 part Peakload with 10 equal parts water to clean grease, oil, exhaust stains, etc. from machinery, equipment, motors  & floors.

Decks, Tank or Hold Cleaning of Bunker:  Steam Cleaner: adjust machine to deliver 50 to 1 ration , apply & rinse.  Pressure Washer:  adjust machine to deliver 30 to 1 ratio, apply & rinse.  Mop, Brush, and Spray:  Dilute 1 part Peakload with 10 parts water.  Apply, agitate, and rinse.

Galley:  Dilute 1 part Peakload with 15 parts water to clean all galley surfaces such as floors, canopies, stoves, conveyors, and hoods.

General Cleaning:  Dilute 1 part Peakload with 20 parts water for general cleaning.

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Second Shift                                                          M.S.D.S.

This non-alkaline cleaner emulsifies greases, waxes and oils so they may be hosed off.

Cleaning Motors:  Brush or Spray motor block with solution.  Flush with water.  Use Pressure hose when available for flushing. 

Chassis, Wheels, Running Gear, and Parts:  Clean same as above.

Concrete Floors:  Mop on floor, agitate with stiff brush, and hose off with water.  Use for Cold Tank Degreasing.  Use Carburetor cleaner to remove carbon.

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H.P. Wash Cleaner - High Pressure Wash



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