Maintenance Products
  Acid Alkaline Neutral Solvent  
- Phoz - For Fast Spot or Running Rust Removal

- Oz-Foe  - Phosphatizing For Metal Paint Preparation

- Black Magic - Converts Rust on Metal and Forms Coating

- SAF Descalex

- Scale Removers

- Coil Cleaner

- De Limer


Phoz                                                                                                                                              M.S.D.S.

Phoz  is designed for fast spot or running rust removal on metal or fiberglass.  Application can be by swab or spray.  Be sure equipment is suitable for use with acids. 


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Oz-Foe                                                                                                                        M.S.D.S.

Rust Remover for Metal

For Fast Spot Removal Product can be applied by swab or spray application.  Be sure the equipment is approved for use with acids.  Use caution.  Keep area wet until rust is gone.  The cleaned and etched surface will accept and bond better with a paint or protective coating.  Future rusting or chipping and cracking of paint will almost be eliminated.

Metal Phosphatizing Product can be applied cold, hot, or as a steam.  Heat boosts reaction.  Use as is or reduce 5 parts water.  Phosphatizing of metal is the chemical reaction with ferrous metals that changes the surface chemical composition to resist further rusting and prepare and clean surface for painting.  The metal is turned a dull bluish black color.

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Black Magic



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Aluminum Brightener Concentrate                            M.S.D.S.

A concentrated liquid cleaner designed to clean and brighten aluminum.  Formulated from wetting agents, emulsifiers, and selected acids to aid in removal of road film, and to give uniform brightening of surfaces.

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SAF Descalex



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Scale Remover


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Coil Cleaner



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De Limer

General Acid Cleaning:  To clean Shower stalls, sinks, stainless kitchen equipment, jacketed kettles, steam tables, food warmers, etc. dilute 2 to 4 oz. per gallon.  Spray, wipe or mop on surface.  Scrub tough soil with an abrasive pad.  Rinse with water and wipe dry with a clean, absorbent cloth to polish.

Also for use in Machine Dishwasher Descaling.

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